2018 Toy Appeal Results

2018 Toy Appeal

4000 Toys, 800 Children, 800 Toy Parcels, 300 Families.

These photos have been taken over the last 4 days. Day 1 & 2 we were sorting out the 4000 toys. Day 3 we produced the 800 Toy Parcels and Day 4 all of the agencies came and picked up the toys.

A HUGE thank you to everybody who donated toys. Because of your generosity there will be 800 children this year in Luton and surrounding areas receiving gifts and toys when they were going to recive nothing.

What you have done is help us change lives and we are so grateful to you.

After the breakin at Luton Salvation Army a few weeks ago we put up an Amazon wish list of toys. We had to continually update it as the toys went fast. We even received toys from as far away as China, America and Australia.

So to all of the local schools and churchs and faiths.
To all of the companies like Easyjet, The Entertainer, Argos, Sainsburys to name but a few.
To Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire councils
To every single local person in Luton
And to all of the people around the world
who donated a toy……

THANK YOU SO MUCH – you are wonderful.

So, what do you think ?