Luton Salvation Army Toy Appeal

THE BIG TOY APPEAL LAUNCH. Each year Luton Salvation Army receives 100’s of requests from School family workers, Social services and Luton Council (to name just a few of the agencies) for toys for children and families who this christmas will receive nothing. Last year we gave out over 3400 toys, this year we are going to need around 4000 toys to meet the demand.

This is where we really need your help. We provide a lot of the toys but we just don’t have no where near enough money or toys, so we are reaching out to the people of Luton and even anybody in the UK who is reading this to see if you would be able to buy a toy and either drop it off at Luton Salvation Army or ‘The Entertainer” in the Mall (Luton).

However, we do have an even quicker way of getting the toys to us. We have teamed up with Amazon and they have helped us to provide a wish list. The link is below. If you could buy a toy or two from the list and get it sent to us that would be so amazing.

4000 toys is a lot of toys and you can help make a difference to so many children lives.

All we ask is that the toy MUST be brand new. So please help make a difference this Christmas.

On behalf of everybody here at the Salvation Army Luton, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.…


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