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The Luton Salvation Army Songsters


We have an abundance of exceptional vocal music within the S.A. with songs composed and arranged by our many Salvationist musicians and writers. How fortunate we are to have such a variety of music, of which we receive a new book entitled ‘Sing to the Lord’ three times per year, enabling us to contribute appropriate songs in each meeting of Sunday worship. Our aim is to bring the message of the Gospel, with songs based on the scriptures, to the folk in the congregation.

Practice takes place once a week on a Thursday evening at 8 – 9.15pm, which includes an epilogue by a designated Songster.

There are many Care Homes within the town which a group of Songsters and friends, under the auspices of Michelle Garrard, visit at Christmas time, singing carols and spreading good cheer. (Hard to say who enjoys it most, us or them) ! We visit 3 evenings a week, sometimes 2 homes per night, for 2 weeks leading up to Christmas, and Sunday afternoons, visiting those of our corps who are ‘house-bound’. It is good to worship God in this particular way.

On Mothers’ Day the Songsters were joined by corps members who were Mothers, Daughters, Aunts and Grandmothers when we heartily sang two songs in the meeting. Hallelujah, it was great !


Janet Carol Stone, Songster Leader,

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