Corona Virus Update for Luton Salvation Army


At Luton Salvation Army we do take the Corona Virus very seriously. Everyday we antibac all surfaces, doors, and areas in which people touch. We recommend that if you do show any symptoms that you stay away for the time being. Please follow all government guidelines.

We will continue to update this if anything changes. We will also send out information on facebook, text and emails.

LATEST INFO: Sadly we have now closed nearly all Salvation Army activities including Sunday Services. What remains available is as follows.

Debt Service is still open. Click here to get details

If you need food phone 01582 450038. If there is no answer leave your name and contact number and we will phone you back. When you speak to us we will go through an online form and then give you details of exactly where to get food from. PLEASE do not go hungry, we can help.



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