Booking the Salvation Army Hall

 Booking Luton Salvation Army Hall

Luton Salvation Army is available to hire. We have a number of rooms available and they do differ in costs. The rooms available are…

The Main Conference hall

This seats approx 130 people. It has an excellent Sound System with 1 static mic on the rostrum and 2 handheld roaming mics. There is also the facility to plug in a laptop and project images via powerpoint onto a large screen.


The Cafe

We also have on the ground floor a 40 seater cafe with fully functioning kitchen for hire.


Upstairs room

We have an upstairs room which seats approx 40 people. It has its own small kitchen and a small side room with soft furnishings in. These are all included in the price.


We always recommend that you visit the building first just to make sure it meets your needs.

When anybody hires a Salvation Army building they have to agree to signing a licence agreement. This is not there to catch you out but it is there to make sure that you look after the building.

We do not allow alcohol or gambling on site.

On top of the Hire fee you will need to pay a returnable deposit of £20. As long as you leave the building in a good state and don’t break anything you will get the £20 back.

If you would like to hire a room in the Army Hall please email or phone 01582 450038 (then press 0)